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Floorinc Engineered timber


Advanced Klin Drying chamber. Water bath drying technology. Stability floor after installation. Traditional steam sprays drying
Exclusively acclimatized floors to suit different country moisture. Standard moisture products
Camera lens(Wood Eye) grading with 99% accuracy in color, thickness, width, hair line crack and mitigate delamination. Swedish technology Human Grading
Melamine Urea Formaldehyde(MUF) gluing with 25 year structural warranty, melamine for strong bonding UF glue
Random design with computer guided and 4-sides glue. Brick pattern and fix designs
Bona finishing flexi lacquer. Only parquet factory in Asia to use high-end coating from Sweden. General coating
7 layer dry on dry coating Generally 6 layer of coating
Bona lacquer life time support worldwide with Bona maintenance floor care product Term support
Heated coaters for consistent gloss level Wider range in gloss levels
Boric treatment from Lonza group for wood , Odor free, mold resistance, Insects resistance and fungi resistance Normal boric treatment

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