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  • FloorInc SPC Flooring Products
  • FloorInc SPC Flooring Products

SPC Flooring

SPC is composite material that does not contain any wood. it is water resistant rigid and stable. SPC products are commonly referred to as enhanced vinyl plank. There is little doubt that Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring is emerging as one of the most popular flooring categories today. But what is SPC and what is the reason behind that popularity? Here are a few answers to some key questions.

Is SPC better than laminate?

The Biggest advantage of SPC is that it’s water resistant and appropriate for areas where laminate shouldn’t be used. In addition, the wear layer of SPC offers more cushion and absorbs sound to make a quieter floor.



How is SPC different from LVT

This biggest difference between SPC and LVT is that SPC is water resistant and damp proof. It can also be laid over most subfloors with little preparation. Unlike traditional vinyl floor that will highlight any unevenness present in the subfloor, the rigid core of SPC flooring allows for longer and wider format options so you don’t have to worry when installing over cracked or divots in subfloor.



SPC Flooring Structure

SPC Flooring Structure

Specifications Dimensions & Measurement

  • 182mm x 1220mm x 4mm
  • 1ctn = 10 panels (23.9sqft/pc)
  • Weight = 19.1 kg/ctn
  • 1 pallet = 65 cartons (1553.5sqft / pallet)
  • Gloss level: matt (5-8”)
  • 4 Sides micro bevel

Product Advantages

  • Environment protection: Eco-friendly material, zero formaldehyde, no noxious or chemical
  • 100% Water resistant: vinyl material, hydrophobic, 100% water resistant and dampproof
  • Durable: High quality wear layer and UV coating surface. more tahn 10 years service life
  • Fire resistance: Reaction to fire classicication is Bf1 – s1, second only to stone material.
  • Slip resistance: Special anti-slip treatment on wear layer, protect people safety.
  • Sound barrier: Around 20bd, noise hardly caused while walking on the flooring.
  • Anti-bacterial: Most germ and bacterium can’t service
  • Easy installation and Maintenance: no need accessory for installation, no need special maintenace
  • Zero formaldehyde

    Zero formaldehyde

  • Easy maintenance

    Easy maintenance

  • Water resistant

    Water resistant

  • Anti-flaming


  • Unilin lock

    Unilin lock

  • Soft PVC balanced layer

    Soft PVC balanced layer

  • Scratch resistant

    Scratch resistant

  • Easy installation

    Easy installation

Product Range

  • ES-101 Oslo Oak

    ES-101 Oslo Oak

  • ES-102 Prague Oak

    ES-102 Prague Oak

  • ES-103 Eiffel Oak

    ES-103 Eiffel Oak

  • ES-104 Haliton Oak

    ES-104 Haliton Oak

  • ES-105 Coisy Oak

    ES-105 Coisy Oak

  • ES-106 Weggis Oak

    ES-106 Weggis Oak

  • ES-107 Camon Oak

    ES-107 Camon Oak

  • ES-108 Camel Oak

    ES-108 Camel Oak

  • ES-109 Seattle Walnut

    ES-109 Seattle Walnut

  • ES-110 Kasson Elm

    ES-110 Kasson Elm


Parameters and prices

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