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The warranties listed below apply to 14mm Engineered Hardwood Floors. All warranties are only for the benefit of the original purchaser and installation site and shall further only be applicable to products used in dry residential areas.

Structural Integrity Warranty (25 Years Warranty)

FloorInc warrants that its product shall be free from manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects shall be defined as delamination milling and assembly.

Finish and Wear Warranty (10 Years Warranty)

Bona UV Acrylic with Wear Resistant Top Coat.

FloorInc warrants that its face surface wear layer will not peel off or wear through during the period of time indicated below from the date purchase. Gloss reduction is not considered wear-through. Therefore, it is not covered under this warranty.


Conditions of Warranty

FloorInc’s warranties are subject to the following conditions:

  1. The flooring has been properly and skillfully installed in accordance with FloorInc’s enclosed instructions and recommendations.
  2. The purchaser has maintained the flooring in accordance with FloorInc’s enclosed instructions and recommendations.
  3. The purchaser has not at any time during the warranty period permitted any part or parts of the flooring to be replaced with a part or parts not supplied or approved by FloorInc.
  4. The purchaser has not at any time during the warranty period permitted any part or parts of the flooring to be repaired by any person not authorized by FloorInc or FloorInc distributor.
  5. The purchaser shall permit FloorInc authorized representatives to inspect the flooring to ascertain the nature of the defects.


FloorInc’s warranties do not cover the following:

  1. Defects arising from faulty installation.
  2. Failure of the flooring due to damage caused by circumstances beyond FloorInc’s control, such as excessive moisture, excessive heat or vapour in the sub-floors.
  3. Defects, which have resulted from accident, abuse, misapplication or improper use or maintenance.
  4. Scratches or indentations resulting from negligence or caused by pets or sharp or pointed objects.
  5. Minor separations between the flooring boards.
  6. Changes in colour due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Partial exposure to sunlight (e.g. floor rug or furniture placement) may cause variation in colour.
  7. Damage arising from the use of high or spiked heel shoes.
  8. Damage caused by wet mopping and spills.
  9. Damage arising out of poor storage prior to installation.
  10. Visual defects, which are discovered after installation. (The purchaser should inspect each board for visual defects prior installation. If the Purchaser is not satisfied with any board he should return it immediately to the place of purchase for replacement free of charge)
  11. Room conditions with abnormally low or high relative humidity (RH), i.e. below 40 RH and above 65 RH. In order to sustain the suggestion relative humidity (40% - 65%) inside the home, fitting of humidifier or humidifler may be required. The floor is intended to perform in an environmentally protected composition.
  12. Installations for heavy traffic conditions and industrial applications.

Reminder on Floor Heating Systems

FloorInc’s flooring is designed and manufactured to withstand the normal operating conditions of floor heating systems if installed and maintained in strict accordance to FloorInc’s guidelines. However, as Beech, Kempas, Jatoba, Maple and Wenge are inherently unstable timbers, we do not recommend them to be used in underfloor heating.

Limitations of Liability

The Purchaser’s exclusive remedy for any breach of the warranties herein shall be limited to repair or replacement of the defective goods (or refund of the purchase price at FloorInc’s sole discretion).

The above warranties are exclusive warranties given by FloorInc and no other warranty, express or implied shall apply. In no event shall FloorInc be liable for any damages arising from any incidental or consequential loss. In such cases, any monetary liability to the Purchaser shall not exceed the contract price of the products.

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