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In the recent years, laminate and engineered flooring is clearly a growing trend among households. Whether in the office or at home, laminate and engineered flooring is the ideal timber flooring to suit all your decorative and comfort needs.

Our founder Mr.Yee Kok Ching was first involved with installation projects for timber flooring in Singapore 1997.After gaining sufficient knowledge and experience, Mr.Yee brought the business to Malaysia as an installation company for timber flooring as well but specialized mainly in mass housing projects. Years of determination and perseverance gave birth to FloorInc Marketing Sdn Bhd in 2012.

Here at FloorInc, we have been intergrating households and commercial space with excellent timber flooring solution. FloorInc’s laminate flooring is locally manufactured, our laminate flooring factory in East Malaysia amounting up to 7,280 square meters to ensure completion, uninterrupted control over each and every stage of production. Having this advantages, we are capable to produced up to 3 million square meters of laminate flooring product annually. Meanwhile, FloorInc’s engineered flooring is also manufactured locally in West Malaysia, our factory built up area is more than 28,000 square meters to ensure uninterrupted production capacity amounting up to 1.5 million square meters.

FloorInc' s Vision

FloorInc constantly keep products up to the latest trend and relentlessly improving with the pioneers of European's laminate and engineered timber flooring industries. With our continuous determination of giving the best quality of product to our customers, we are confident to introduce all our exclusive range to the market. FloorInc ensure to give the best service and consultation to our customers to meet their demand with environmental friendly business conductivity approach.

FloorInc' s Dedication

FloorInc's dedication under our philosophy of prioritizing workmanship and quality products has led us to be a preferred premium brands of laminate and engineered timber flooring in the market.

FloorInc Marketing Sdn.Bhd.

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